Karen Keene Day



Noble, majestic, powerful, beautiful … it is these qualities of horses that Karen Keene Day sees, and through her paintings, reveals their spirituality in a Celebration of Life through color & movement. In their strong family units in the wild or alone, running free or standing still, Karen paints them with rich colors, free of tack and rider. Karen Keene Day’s paintings of horses in pastels, acrylics, and water-colors, have traveled across the United States and to Spain, to shows, businesses and clients’ homes. Her paintings have been featured in horse magazines Equine ImageAndalusian and Conquistador, including several covers on Andalusian magazine. Karen has been extensively covered by Equine Image, who also represented her at Equitana, an International Horse Show, in Louisville, Kentucky and Wildlife Art Magazine. The artist has given workshops, slide shows and presentations to business groups, artists’ associations and school children. Karen travels to photograph horses for her paintings, and to find inspiration. This has included trips to study the wild horses of the Pryor Mountains on the border of Wyoming and Montana, the Little Bookcliff Horses of DeBeque, Colorado and wild Marsh horses of the Carolina and Georgia Shores.  Disappointment Valley in Colorado, where the Spring Creek Wild Horses are, is now her main focus.





414 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403

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