Brian Nash



“I was born and raised in Boston, and have the accent to prove it.  I have an MBA from Dartmouth, and, after working for several years at the Leo Burnett Ad Agency in Chicago, I became the Director of Retail Marketing at Polo Ralph Lauren in NYC.

I loved working for Polo, but I had the urge to try something completely different, so I moved to Nashville to write country music.   The urge to try something new struck yet again, and, despite a successful songwriter career, I stopped writing and started painting a few years ago.   

My art is now available in a bunch of galleries around the country.  It has also been seen on the sets of many tv shows, and is in the permanent collection of several hospitals. And, on a totally random note,  I’m freaking excited that one of the creators of the Simpsons owns eight of my paintings! Ay carumba, indeed!  I also have a New-York based licensing agent, who provides my artwork to be used on items like wallpaper, fabric, wrapping paper, etc.

I tend to paint nostalgic images.  I was fortunate to be a child of the 60’s in Boston and on Cape Cod, and that influences who I am and what  I paint.   Many of my paintings also have an inherent narrative which, I assume, is a result of my advertising background.  In addition to my painting, I’m creating a clothing company.  It will be called LaLa Land by Brian Nash, and will be available June 2016 at

I hope you like what I paint as much as I enjoy painting it.”


414 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403

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Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm
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