Debbie Martin

Windblown 5/5
mixed media on canvas
16 x 16 in

About the Artist

Debbie Martin

Raised in Tennessee, her parent’s appreciation for the southern landscape and changing seasons was contagious and much of her time was spent outdoors. Art was not part of the school curriculum but volunteering for every creative opportunity kept her busy. She continued the study of art on her own until she was accepted into the Ringling School of Art. However, as fate would have it, shortly before graduating early from high school she met the love of her life. Six months later they were married and began a new life together. Relocating and challenged by what direction to take she gave in to the pressures of how to continue with art and chose another direction.  It would be thirty years before she returned to her original path.

After raising two daughters and a career in the building business, a strong desire to make a career change led Martin to accept a job offer working as a sales consultant for a fine art gallery. The gallery owner said he felt her passion for art because she had visited his gallery often while working in the home building business. He needed someone to manage large installation projects and her experience working with designers and architects fit perfectly. Her first project was installing over four hundred pieces of art in an elegant assisted living facility on James Island. The Charleston location took her to the Low Country on a regular basis and became a playground for creativity inspiring notes and drawings while on lunch breaks. Working closely with artist and art was fueling her passion and desire to paint again.

 Five years later a phone call came that would ignite the spark and move her toward the dream she had left behind.  “Our daughter called and asked for help with a college painting class and I quickly agreed.  I pulled my box of old paint supplies from the attic. They had been through every move since I was nineteen. It was like opening the door to my creative soul.  Thirty years of memories were waiting to be translated to the canvas. This time, painting was personal and compelling and there was no going back. A friend and gallery director dared me to exhibit and I had my first show Intuition 101 in 2003. Painting day and night consumed my time the first few years as the exhibitions and gallery representation grew. I was constantly supported, the timing was perfect and it was as if the gate had opened and was just waiting for me to show up and I did.  I was ready. 

 “I guess secretly many of us have a desire to do something that feeds our creative urges day to day. Just start! That is what I say when someone ask. I had no expectations the second time and I believe that is what allowed me to be brave. I say I am braver in life because I paint and that is true.  I have my studio time on a regular basis. One painting inspires another. The painting experience keeps me wanting more. I have learned to trust and follow my intuition by spending time alone making art, observing, and just being quiet. It fuels me for more."  INSPIRATION FROM THE PAST:  Monet, Hans Hoffman, Rothko ,Georgia O’Keefe.


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